Providing Outstanding Security Operators Training Since 2004

Bambace was established in 2004 and has been responsible for providing outstanding Security Operators training ever since. The Team is made up of committed individuals who are highly trained in the field of Security and Information Systems. The Company’s objects include the provision of the following: CCTV Consultancy and Training, Security Guard Training, Security and Safety Awareness Training, Security Audit and Provision of Security, Safety and Communication Equipment, Accessories and Services procurement and Sale.


CCTV Consultancy & Training

Bambace Ltd provides high quality training to enable the operator to manage CCTV & control the systems in the professional way.


Security & Safety Awareness

We provide training in Safety and Security Awareness in Offices and Administrative areas.


Security Guard Training

The Security Guarding course focuses mainly on the role and responsibilities of a Security Guard within the Manned Guarding sector.

Auditor is pressing the push button for SECURITY AUDIT on a touch screen interface. Business metaphor and technology concept for the systematic security evaluation of a corporate information system.

Security Audit

Bambace Ltd ensures security systems have been professionally installed and function properly.

HOW WE WORKDesign, Configuration & Training

Produce a full design and specification to the Client’s requirements.

Assist with the tendering and procurement process.

Provide complete build management service to co-ordinate the activities of the CCTV Supplier or Installer and any other interested parties.

Provide a full warranty schedule identifying the separate agencies’ responsibilities.

Undertake the full implementation of designed projects.

Commission the completed system.

Provide full training with regards to the professional operations of the system.

  1. Oversee the project management of the system on the Client’s behalf by ensuring that the installation is according to the full specification.
  1. Ensure and advice that the general design of the system is adequate and appropriate to meet the Client’s needs.
  1. Monitor the schedule of works and deal with queries with installers on behalf of the Client.
  1. Brief Management on all aspects of the system at strategic stages.
  1. Advice the Client on any future upgrades.
  1. Ensure that the Client is provided with the appropriate backup facility for the continued operation of the system.
  1. Ensure that the installer enters into the most appropriate maintenance agreement with the Client for the system’s support.
  1. Ensure that appropriate maintenance of system is carried out as specified by the manufacturer.
  1. Supervise the maintenance schedule with the installer on behalf of the Client.
  1. Advice the Client on any appropriate variations and any future updates.
  1. Ensure that the Client is guaranteed the appropriate training prior to acceptance of any installation of new equipment.
  1. Ensure that Clients’ operators are provided with the appropriate training to handle the equipment efficiently.
  1. Ensure and supervise an ongoing training regime so that the equipment is handled efficiently at all times.
  1. Advice the Client on any other training matters of interest.
  1. Ensure the Client acquires the appropriate equipment that they wish to implement in their organisation.
  1. Undertake the evaluation of equipment the Client may be offered and assist in the arrival at well informed decisions of choice.
  1. Advise the Client on availability of alternatives and upgrades.
  1. Assist the Client’s Administration or Management to formulate documents to address health and safety matters – codes of practice regarding security issues.
  1. Design outlines and plans to deal with safety issues to cover personnel and property.
  1. Assist with designing and implementing drills to counter matters of security threats and concerns.
  1. Where there is a Security Control or Monitoring Room, to undertake to ensure that it is run to international standards.


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