Security Consultancy services

We provide consultation services in system design and build, integrated monitoring room systems or CCTV monitoring systems. We involve the client every step of the way to make sure we provide a system that meets the needs of the client.

• Security Audit process

In the audit, we can assess your current system and provide detailed report of its effectiveness or otherwise. This can enable you improve current systems.

• Surveillance

CCTV installation and maintenance With Bambace, you can protect your property and business from criminals. By installing CCTV system, you can prevent losses and deter criminals. We also provide maintenance services after the system has been installed to ensure its operational for its entire life span.

We provide

1. Wireless security camera installation and maintenance Some description here
2. Home alarm systems and CCTV
3. Electric fencing and maintenance

• Personal security services

1. Smart phone-based tracking systems
2. Property tracking systems
3. Location tracking systems (GPS)

• Cyber security services

Together with our partners, we provide cyber security services to protect your online activities. Hire a professional to help with the threat of cybercrime and losses.

• Private investigative services

Do you need a private investigator? The private investigators we employ at Bambace are former law enforcement and military personnel’s who are experts in their field of work. With several years of experience, they will provide services with discretion in the following areas.

• Surveillance of people and property
• Background checks
• Divorce evidence support
• Cheating wife or husband
• Finding missing persons
• Background checks